DVB Debate Clips (English)

DVB Debate is the first open debate program in Burma, weekly on TV and radio, daily online (dvbdebate.net).
An overview of all clips about the broadcasted debates, with English subtitles by DVB News.

Refugees Return

During decades of military rule and ethnic conflict, millions of people fled Burma. Now the country is changing fast, are conditions right enough for the refugees to return home?

Crony Culture

DVB Debate discusses the obstacles that stand in the way of the next generation’s path to success. “If you find someone who is rich and not a crony, point them out to me”.

Educational Reform
Education Reform

Burma’s school system is in dire need of reform. The government spends just 5.8 percent of the national budget on education
and so schools are poorly equipped, use outdated materials, and teacher training is politically motivated.

Women in Charge

In a country where one of the most well-known and respected political figures, Aung San Suu Kyi, wields great influence, many
still regard a woman's place to be in the home.

Social Media

With thanks, especially to Facebook, people in Burma are accessing more news and information than ever before.
DVB Debate explores with experts and users if social media is taking over our lives.

Press Freedom

Burma is a democracy under construction. Is it ready for total (not controlled by state) free media?
Journalists, publishers and the minister of Information share their opinion freely in DVB Debate.

1988: forgive and forget?

Can and should the Burmese forgive the military regime for its decades of repression for the sake of national reconciliation?
An extremely sensitive topic during the 25-year anniversary of the 8-8-88 massacre, discussed openly for the first time on Burmese TV.

Junior Reporters

The Junior Reporters are part of the Media Literacy programme, launched by the Doha Centre for Media Freedom (DCMF)
during the Alliance of Civilizations in Qatar. The reporters try to make sense of it all.

Enjoy more reports on youtube.com/dcmfreporter.

l'île de Gorée beat balls

Salim demonstrates his instrument: beating Kalabas nuts.

March 2009: 'l'île de Gorée', a tiny island in front of Dakar's coast - the most western piece of Africa in the Atlantic.

Magic Hill Thailand

Check the magic hill, I filmed last week in Thailand. The car is in neutral ('P') and we took the keys out .. and it is driving up hill!

KNN Sport video

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Be sushi

Be a delicious piece of sushi... for 3 minutes.

Roller coaster fun

..and fear, except of Ylva, my 13 year old niece from Oslo, who made us do this.

Boring Wilders 'movie' online

APRIL 27 2008: The movie from the islamofobic politician Wilders is finally online (after 4 months of panic talks about it in Holland) - we just watched it: extremely boring and nothing new.

Instead, do you want to see something really shocking?
This clip is at least made with only my own pics and music...

Kids News Afghanistan

Kids News Perú

Launch ZKidsNews@5 in Zambia

High Speed Experience

AWI clip

If it doesn't work, click here

Queensday Amsterdam

A light impression of Queensday in Amsterdam
April 30 2007

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